Formula E: High Voltage is an officially licensed Formula E blockchain racing management game, leveraging NFTs to introduce a new REVV Motorsport Play-to-Earn experience. It is the third licensed title joining the REVV Motorsport metaverse of racing games.

In Formula E: High Voltage you take the role of a Team Principal, making strategic decisions that will critically affect the outcome of your championship journey. Of course, blockchain technology means that players will enjoy true digital ownership of their game assets.

Please place your bids early as the auction will end on the clock, and there won't be any time extension based on last-minute bids.

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Key Features in Formula E: High Voltage

Build & Develop your own Formula E Team

Be the Team Principal, Strategically Decide how you want to develop your own Formula E Team!

Play. Earn. Upgrade. Create

Play-to-Earn is simple. What you earn through play can be used to enhance your assets in the form of currencies and NFTs. The more you play, the more options you have to advance.

Skill System

Top-tier Cars & Drivers (including Epic, Legendary, and Apex) receive a powerful ability called “Skill” when NFT is minted, adding a new strategy for play, and value to the asset itself.

Race across exquisite Cities & Circuits

You will be able to practice, qualify & race in E-Prix across the most iconic locations across the globe.

Attack Mode & Energy Management

Attack Mode and Energy Management are the key to victory. Every race has different rules in how you can use Attack Mode - master each circuit.

Own, Sell & Trade your NFT Collectibles

Every Car, Driver, and Item in the game is an NFT, meaning you fully own them. A Play-to-Earn metaverse awaits.

What makes these Formula E: High Voltage NFT so valuable

Enter the Play-to-Earn game metaverse

If you are lucky enough to get this LEGENDARY Formula E supercar, you will have an advantage in the game “Formula E: High Voltage”. You will be able to compete in top tier tournaments in the game, winning rarer & more valuable items/prizes, achieving the dream of Earning while Playing from the REVV Motorsports metaverse.

Guaranteed LEGENDARY

This NFT sale will Guarantee you a LEGENDARY tier Formula E car.
Legendary tier is the rarest tier after the ultra-scarce Apex tier (and is followed by Epic, Rare and Common). In a regular chance based drop there will only be ~1% of getting a Legendary.

formula e high voltage













Slipstream - ACCELERATION increases by 10% for 10 seconds. 10% chance of triggering. 30 seconds cooldown.

First Edition




Finite Supply

Every NFT in Formula E: High Voltage has a Finite supply, once they are gone, they won’t be created again, making them super valuable.

For Collectors

Due to the super scarce nature of these LEGENDARY, First Edition & Chassis Number “1” Formula E super cars, all these make it a super valuable collection piece, these rare attributes also gives additional power boost in the game Formula E: High Voltage.


Of course, you can choose to resell it at a higher price in a marketplace - if you don’t want to Earn while Playing in Formula E: High Voltage, or keep it in your collection.