Flora Sun

Introducing The World We Made

We are excited to bring a contemporary art exhibit in Korea into the NFT realm.

From the viral sensation Gangnam Style to the stadium-filling concerts of BTS to the Oscar-winning movie Parasite, there is little doubt that South Korea has established a global connection with its media and arts.

However, its influence extends beyond pop culture. Artists from South Korea have also been earning attention and praise across international museums and galleries. Critics and collectors alike have been drawn to the contemporary art scene that has fueled the engine of this cultural powerhouse.

Featured by Binance prepared a virtual NFT collection of a physical exhibition ‘The World We Made’. This exhibition is curated by Chloe Kim, the CEO of T&C Foundation and also the Creative Director of Podo Museum in Jeju, Korea. The exhibition gives us a unique view through the lens of seven Korean artists, including the director Kim, each expressing a unique interpretation of the oneness of our humanity. The more we dive into the collection, the more clearly we see all the ways we are all alike. The issues we face, the problems we encounter, as well as the hopes we look forward to are borderless and belong to us all. This exploration is sure to strike a chord in everyone.

We are looking forward to presenting to our global audience 13 select pieces of NFT art created by celebrated artists:

There will only be one edition for each NFT and they will be put up for auction very soon. In the up-and-coming days, we will share more about these artists and their NFTs with you!

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